Fiber Cement Siding: The Newest Alternative to Wood Siding

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Fiber Cement Siding: The Newest Alternative to Wood Siding

For long years, people were seeking for the best alternative to wood siding. Many have said, “vinyl”, while others have considered “aluminum”. Of the people who asked and contributed answers, only few have realized that the construction industry has been doing their best just to meet the ever growing demand for a more durable and stronger siding material. The good news is that of the efforts exerted, one good option have come out great and this materials is what many people now used to call as “fiber cement siding”.

Fiber cement siding is so far the newest material developed as a perfect option to wood siding. It is said to be more durable than wood and more potent for resisting water, fire, and termites. Its appearance is somewhat similar to wood, but unlike wood siding, the fiber cement is engineered with the composite material elements.

On the most basic, the fiber cement siding is made out of the blending of cellulose fiber materials, sand and cement. It is also made with enough amounts of water and other additives. Perhaps the best thing to note about this newest option is that no asbestos is added to the product, the reason that it is claimed by many as healthy.

The fiber cement siding is durable and strong in the sense that prior to its introduction, the siding is made with the use of the so-called “autoclaving”. It is autoclaved or cured with a pressurized steam just for such purpose. What’s more interesting to know now is that out of autoclaving, the fiber cement siding has developed a dimensional stability. Today, it is deemed throughout the construction industry as one of the strongest siding material available. It doesn’t crack and does not even rot and delaminate as what woods do.

To further provide the people the best option possible, the fiber cement siding is now offered in a variety of colors and style. You simply choose which of the available styles and colors will best suit your home style, or what meets your budget. If none of the available colors suits your taste best, you can do painting. Yes, the fiber cement sidings can be painted once it is securely and properly installed. In relation to that, you can consider pre-finishing or pre-painting, in case you need the service. And in terms of budget, the fiber cement siding is now offered at pretty reasonable prices. You can even find them easily with lots of home centers and lumber yards offering this product out there by a hassle-free special order or in stock.

So what’s your decision? Does the fiber cement option appeal to you? With all those advantages, who would not prefer this newest alternative? Well, only fools won’t consider.

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