Barn Siding Reference

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Barn Siding Reference

If you want to do a barn siding project, you want to have it done just enough so that it will serve its purpose, and not spend a good deal of money. Below are some guidelines that you can refer to for your barn siding concerns.

Preparation for Barn Siding
The backing for your barn siding should be dark in color, as opposed to using the lighter ones. A dark backing will not show through the holes and gaps in barn siding. Also, for properly securing the barn siding, use a 5/8-inch thick plywood covering the 2 x 4s or 2 x 6s supports.

You may have to prepare tools for the job as saws, fasteners, nail guns, and the like. Have all the necessary tools, accessories and materials prepared. In this way, when you start working, you are able to proceed smoothly.

Basic Tips
If you will not be doing the barn siding job on your own, hire one who is experienced and have completed similar projects in the past. Make sure the one you would hire is recommended by previous clients because of the good service he provided.

Together with your builder, plan well the activities involved and the estimated time for each activity to finish. By doing so, you will be able to know if you are on schedule, and discover problems or issues that could delay the completion of the activity on time.

When you get your materials for your barn siding job, always make it a point to make certain that these will not be exposed to moisture and the like. Wood products require that these be stored in a dry and warm room.

Installation Guides for Barn Siding
Installation should be done one board at a time – and is preferably applied in a random pattern. Finish nails or screws are ideal to securing barn siding on the frames. The use of antique square nails will also help in giving it a more authentic look. Always follow though the manufacturer’s instructions above all else, as they are in the best position to know how their products should be handled.

For the maintenance and care of your installed barn siding products, refer to the manufacturer’s manual so that you will be guided accordingly. With the proper care of your barn siding, you are ensured to make it last through its intended maximum life.

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