A new line of polymer siding is molded from real cedar to simulate authentic texture and size.

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Q. I will soon be remodeling the exterior of my home and like the look of wood shake siding, yet don’t want to spend the required time or money on maintaining the shakes. Can I still achieve this look without the hassle?

A. Many homeowners find themselves in similar situations. Cedar shakes may be appealing at first, but the work that goes into maintaining them can tarnish their appeal over time. Fortunately, it’s possible to achieve a wood-shake look with alternative low-maintenance materials.

One of my favorite options is the Cedar Impressions® line of polymer siding by CertainTeed. The siding is molded from real cedar to simulate authentic texture and size. And, unlike real cedar shingles that eventually break down and need repair, this advanced polymer siding can withstand years of exposure to the elements. I encourage you to talk with your local contractor about alternative cedar-style siding, as the resemblance to the real thing is truly striking.

The other good news about modern materials is they can cost as much as 40 percent less to install and maintain over 20 years as compared to wood shingles. Residing a home is a large investment, and vinyl, polymer and fiber cement siding are smart, low-maintenance options for homeowners interested in preserving traditional curb appeal for their homes over the long haul.

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